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Don’t miss the opportunity to partner with Merkeleon. Black Friday gives you the offers for auctions, e-marketplaces and crypto exchanges which you hardly saw on the market. We decided that the offer will be available from the 23rd of NOV till 1st of DEC. Just send us a request for any mean software in our noble family. Catch the relevant links you need to take a step forward to your purchase: […]

Online Car Auction: how to start?

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So many options to buy a car nowadays! Car dealers, classic and online auctions. Which one to pick? If you need something custom and don’t care about money, car dealers can be your option. When it comes to a cheap vehicle many customers opt for car auctions. Often auctions offer good deals because customers love the sense of a bargain. The idea of running auto auctions was born in the mid-1950s, to get rid of old cars. Nowadays thousands of auctions worldwide offer luxury, retro and everyday automotive to satisfy everyone’s needs. Over 9 million cars were sold last year worldwide. […]

Merkeleon Exchange Software has successfully passed audit by Kaspersky Lab

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When elaborating financial trading applications it is highly important to pay due consideration to some of the key factors that crucially affect the success of the Operator’s business, as well as his personal credibility. From the depth of our experience we would recommend to pay particular attention to security measures to ensure  software reliability, for even insignificant vulnerabilities can lead to financial losses or leakage of a user’s confidential information. Moreover, in terms of security it is very important to not only rely on your own expertise (even if it counts more than ten years in FinTech), but also on the external insight of market leaders. […]

General Audit by Kaspersky Lab of Merkeleon Crypto Exchange Software

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The penetration and massive progress of the information technology over the past several years is the most fundamental alteration that has completely changed our lifestyles. Web network has become common space for business infrastructure. Multiple web services have been monetized. The emergence of cryptocurrency has redefined financial borders in the digital world. At the same time digital currency is becoming one of the most essential security entities in financial apps with an integrated crypto payment gateway. It is crucially important for your assets security to protect your tech-space identity. […]

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