Mobile bidding app integrated with the online marketplace

Merkeleon releases Agrodiskont app available for iOS and Android users

We are happy to announce that a new app for (the most innovative online marketplace in agriculture industry in Russia) is released and ready to be used by iOS and Android users! From now on every distributor will be able to make a bid from his mobile device with just one click.

Nowadays the procurement for agricultural users, as well as the selling process for distributors can be a difficult thing, which takes a lot of time and requires serious expenses. The aim of Agrodiskont is to make a procurement procedure go smooth and simple for both buyers and sellers. How can that effect be reached?
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create an Online Auction Website

How to Create an Online Auction Website?

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about creating an online auction where people can trade off their goods and services and you may have already come up with some ideas.
We cannot say enough about advantages of online auction. Apparently, it is available 24/7, all around the world. It opens up new perspectives, for buyer and seller as well, gives them opportunity of so-called Garage Sale, which means anyone can sell anything there. Nowadays, if you make an auction website, there are more and more payment systems available, which makes payment procedures, go nice and smooth. With online auctions, users will be able to create their own profiles with personal information, track all of their sales and purchases, leave comments and feedbacks, which is more than handy! There is a basic set of features that every online auction should possess on its start, the detailed list of basic functions is presented on “Basic auction platform features” page.
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schlüsselfertige softwarelösung für ecommerce

How to choose software for e-commerce business project?

The global sales level on the Internet is growing rapidly every year.
According to eMarketer company, a specialist in market research, growth in online sales will reach $ 3.5 trillion in five years. eMarketer data also suggests that the proportion of ecommerce was 7% in the current year, and by 2019 it will grow to 12%.

Such a rapid growth encourages business owners to go online in search of gaining more success and prosperity. The first and the most important step on the path to the global network is to choose a platform for future marketplace.
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Happy Holidays!

At this magical season we are grateful to our clients and partners. It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with you this year. We hope for the further fruitful collaboration.

We wish you happiness, and peace in a new prosperous year of 2016!

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