Merkeleon at Private Crypto Dinner in Moscow

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  • Private Crypto Dinner - Moscow

At the official private dinner in Moscow many professionals, specialists and experts in the field of crypto regulation and Blockchain technologies discussed the perspectives of industry evolution 

18 of April 2018 in Moscow was held a private business-dinner, dedicated to the topic of “Infrastructure solutions for Crypto Providers: in Malta, Switzerland and Estonia” 

A huge genuine interest among the guests was called by reports of the speakers from Malta, associated with new legislation in the field of crypto currencies regulation, which should come into force in May 2018. Many expect this jurisdiction to have a special legislative precedent that will help the crypto-currencies become an officially recognized payment method in the countries of European Union.

Presented reports also concerned Estonia and Switzerland, the countries where the crypto currency exists on an official basis.

At the event, a large number of issues were discussed in the framework of active discussions. The experts shared their experience in licensing companies in different jurisdictions, relations with local and foreign regulators, the taxation and regulation system, the costs of the company and many others.

Merkeleon representatives who attended this event had an excellent opportunity to establish useful contacts, as well as to study a large amount of up-to-date information that will be presented to potential customers of the Company within the framework of the provided services, as well as when choosing a product and launching a successful turn-key business based on crypto-technologies. Merkeleon customers have the opportunity not only to purchase the products of the company, but also to receive the most up-to-date information, qualified support and consultations on various issues related to launching and developing own crypto business.

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