What is Crypto Processing Engine and what is it used for? How to choose the best solution?

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For the last few years, Blockchain and Crypto Technologies took their place in our lives and every day it is hard to find someone who has never heard anything about the tokens, crypto exchanges or financial transactions in crypto currencies. Evolution of above-mentioned technologies allows changing the natural order of things and use them in those fields where nobody had never thought applying before. […]

How to choose software for e-commerce business project?

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The global sales level on the Internet is growing rapidly every year. According to eMarketer company, a specialist in market research, growth in online sales will reach $ 3.5 trillion in five years. eMarketer data also suggests that the proportion of ecommerce was 7% in the current year, and by 2019 it will grow to 12%. Such a rapid growth encourages business owners to go online in search of gaining more success and prosperity and compare software providers. The first and the most important step on the path to the global network is to choose a platform for future marketplace. The Parameters of E-commerce Software Providers’ Comparison There are many software vendors on the market that provide ecommerce software. Let’s consider the major players in the market taking into account the following parameters: 1. Bidding (selling module). Available model of business to sell or buy the product: fixed price selling, auction, procurement, etc. 2. Languages and currencies. Is multicurrency supported, are there any restrictions on currencies. 3. Payment systems. Which ones are available for integration. 4. Types and categories of goods. 5. Data import and export. 6. Possibility to integrate 3rd party systems. 7. Monetization (which ways are available: transactions commission, roles payment, etc.) 8. Platform scalability. 9. Possibility of changes, alterations, development of customized features. 10. Design. Comparison of E-commerce Platform Vendors RAINWORX AUCTIONSOFTWARE ILANCE MERKELEON Bidding Fixed price selling Auction model: – Classic auction Other: – Product request without bidding Auctions: – Classic – Reverse – Penny – Silent [...]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform – Merkeleon New Product

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Merkeleon company is glad to announce new software product arrival – Exchange platform. Cryptocurrency exchange script is a unique multifunctional solution for launching crypto- and world fiat currencies sale and purchase. The tool introduces all needed elements to start from scratch and manage a real secure crypto-currency exchange. […]

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