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Classic auction — a type of auction where the auctioneer sets up a minimal start price which is increased by price step with every bid of the player. The bids are known to all players.

The final price is formed during the auction from the last maximum price offered by one of the buyers at the end time of the auction, the last buyer who offers the highest price is the winner.

Classic auction rules of work

Start price

The start price is usually lower the market price which always attracts players.


The buyer can make a bid which is higher than the previous one for the minimum step price or more.

Auction time

Auction time is limited and set up by the seller.


The winner of the auction is the buyer who offers the highest price at the end of the auction. He also obtains a right to buy the product at the final price.

What to sell on classic auction?


    • Rings
    • Watches
    • Brooches
    • Gemstones

    • Pictures
    • Prints
    • Sculptures
    • Watercolors

    • Coins
    • Paper money
    • Musical records
    • Wine

    • Chairs
    • Tables
    • Cabinets
    • Bureaus

    • Vintage clothes
    • Old shoes
    • Purses
    • Acsessories

    • Rooms rent
    • Package offers 
    • Spa-offers
    • Wedding planning
Home and garden

    • Vases
    • Carpets
    • Candlesticks
    • Silverware
Automobiles and vehicles

    • Sport cars
    • Oldtimers
    • Construction machinery
    • Loaders

Merkeleon additional modules for Classic auction



Bid-agent (Autobid) is a buyer’s assistant. The buyer starts the Bid-agent by setting the maximum price he is ready to pay for the product. The buyer doesn’t even need to connect to the Internet while the Autobid is bidding.

Online shop Module: voting

This module is actually an online shop which you can add to your auction. The user can search for a product not only in the auction but also in the shop product list. User can buy a product in the shop or vote for it being put up for auction. Administrator sees the votes and decides whether to satisfy them or not.

Reserve price

The lowest price at which a seller can allow to sell the listing. Reserve price is not visible until it is overcome by the bidder. Function can be used to get income from sellers, and for extra security when placing products.

Multi-lot auction

The module allows you to run the auction flow, which consists of a number of lots. Launch of the first lot of the flow is carried out by the administrator, the remaining items are started immediately after the previous one.

Buy-it-now function

Buy-it now function allows a user to buy the product at a fixed priced indicated by the seller or administrator. The function may be used to get income from sellers at the platform, or as an additional opportunity to increase sales at the platform.

Classic auction is an alternative option of sales increase on any e-marketplace:

Useful Merkeleon modules to start e-marketplace:

Products and Delivery

– Ability to specify the number of items in stock;
– The creation and control of deliveries;
– Detailed categorization of the products, creation of the complex interrelationships between types of products and their categories.

Ranking system and reviews

– Product reviews;
– Seller reviews;
– Buyer reviews;
– The system of sellers and buyers ranking.

Different types of payments

– Organization of online payment by payment systems;
– Offline payment outside the platform, creating invoices and so on.


– Privileged placement of auctions for a fee;
– Highlighting auction with a mark Urgent, or with bold, or bright borders.

Please find more information on e-marketplace creation by the по link.

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