ICE3X cryptocurrency exchange has a new FASTER and more SECURE user experience

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The team ​of Merkeleon ​cryptocurrency exchange ​engineers have been working incredibly hard over the last few months to release a brand new platform, which has now gone live ​on, Ice3x cryptocurrency exchange platform.​ The iceCUBED-X service desk staff were elated and full of praise, as customer requests for assistance dropped by 66% on the cryptocurrency exchange South Africa.​

iceCUBED-X is Africa’s premier ​crypto​currency exchange and with the new functions and features​ it simply offers the most versatile trading experience currently on offer in Africa. The platform now benefits from the latest Frontend technologies (ReactJS), and produces lightning fast intuitive TradingView™ Charts, scaling equally well when trading crypto currency markets on mobile, tablet and desktop. The release marks the 4 year anniversary of the iceCUBED-X trading platform which operates Fiat/Cryptocurrency exchange markets in South Africa and Nigeria. The Merkeleon team have now been working together for almost 7 Years.

W​e are gearing up to make big waves in the cryptocurrency ​exchange ​space​ during 2018​ and have now focused on bringing ICE3X to the forefront of ​the industry allowing us to pave the way for other entrepreneurs to operate in this space with the support and knowledge of a reputable market leader. We see that as a crucial ingredient to local empowerment and subsequent successful participation in the global crypto currency markets. Gareth GroblerFounder ICE3X

New Features
The iceCUBED-X crypto currency trading platform now uses the market leading TradingView™ charting library, delivering lightning fast, ultra scale-able charts complimented by a full array of charting tools such as FIB lines, market depth charts, line charts and a host more. We have upgraded to live updates and indicators and have completely redesigned the market feed widgets. Our clever architecture allows for simple management of your content via WordPress at the same time keeping your trading environment completely separated and secure. The ICE3X management team have been particularly impressed by in depth reporting which is available instantly via the cryptocurrency exchange dashboard.

Affiliate Program
​ICE3X have made full use of the feature rich affiliate system which comes built into the platform as standard and is available to you immediately. Operators can quickly build a strong network by sharing trading commissions with users who help bring liquidity to the market. On top of powerful commission structures and multiple payment gateways you also have complete control over deposit and withdrawal fees, giving you additional options to further enhance your customer’s experience with you. Marketing is one of the key verticals which you need to focus on to make your business successful. With the infrastructure and tools all available to you, we enable you to reach the full potential of your business.
Merkeleon cryptocurrency exchange platforms have their own in house crypto currency processing platform and we run full nodes allowing us to pass on bulk savings to our operators and guaranteeing timely confirmations, with a 99.9% up time SLA. We also have a more secure environment as we do not have to to rely on 3rd party data and service providers impacting on our ability to provide faster response times to incidents.

Merkeleon have further strengthened our offering by partnering with market leading SaaS provider, Freshdesk, in order to provide our clients with a more streamlined, yet fully complete package, that includes Freshdesk integration. This allows you to provide your customer with a fully featured trading experience that includes full Freshdesk integration giving your clients an exceptional customer support journey. Ultimately your customers will be excited and satisfied.

Start your own Crypto Currency Exchange​
If you are currently operating or want to operate a crypto currency exchange, or you have a market you would like to support, we have a fast, reliable and secure white label cryptocurrency exchange SaaS solution that will not only increase your bottom line profits, but also allow your to focus on what is most important – supporting your clients. Using our solutions offers you complete technical peace of mind and safe hands to help and guide you in setting up your crypto currency exchange. Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help you reach your business goals.

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