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Merkeleon Marketplace is unique software allowing to connect unlimited number of sellers and buyers, clients and suppliers.

Clients obtain wide opportunities to hold online biddings of different type – auctions, contests, requests for quotes and proposals, and suppliers in their turn can take part in the ongoing procurement of goods and services, put products into auctions or sell them at a fixed price.

Easy operation of the platform
Comfortable to use

Comfortable management of each of the many features of the platform is possible due to a simple-to-use Web interface. There is no need to install any special software on your computer.

New B2B and B2C sales channels
For all business sectors

Flexibly configured for use in the industry, trade and commerce. Thanks to the flexible adjustment of the classifications platform is ideally suitable for any goods and services.

Extensive opportunities for platform usage
A variety of adaptive distribution channels

Select the most appropriate sales channel from multiple ready ones, or organize your own using many auction types and direct sales opportunity.

Use the variety of income-generating opportunities

Individual billing models

Customizable settings of monthly fees and sales commissions on a marketplace. Opportunity of adding extra premium features. All the transactions are taking place right on the platform.

Multilingual and multi-currency system

Business on a global scale

Marketplace platform is perfect for working with a large number of languages ​​and currencies. Administration and usage of the platform is available in many languages ​​at the same time, with different currencies and in different time zones.

Complex product classification system by types and categories

Marketplace website software allows to create a detailed product categorization including product attributes description. Possibility of search and comparison attributes definition.

Possibility of data import and export

Export of all financial data, including all transactions: income and expenses. Possibility to import individual database structure.

How to Find the Right Ecommerce Software Platform

Selling online is one the most cost-effective ways of business.  Besides the thorough business plan that defines the commercial side of the project, a future owner needs to think about the software to use for creating the right ecommerce marketplace software platform.

Making a market research of potential providers it’s important first of all to evaluate the price and quality that different developers offer. There are plenty of cheap solutions offers less than 2000-3000 USD, which by the way, can be downloaded from the Internet. Usually they are far away from quality ones. Here’s the list of criteria for the software to stick to when choosing a reliable solution:

  1. Secure and stable B2B software – Make sure that emarketplace software is developed by professional experienced developers with the help of the most modern and protected technologies, frameworks;
  2. Customization and flexibility – The software shall provide the opportunity to alter existing modules or add any other features required for the project;
  3. Scalability – Planning future development of the project, make sure that B2B software allows scaling the project. The platform shall either be ready for the high traffic load handling constant feature and traffic increase;
  4. Support – The best option is when developer’s company takes care of the created platform providing full technical support, free updates of the platform and constant communication with the client.

The most essential features that online marketplace software platform need to have are:

  1. Unlimited sellers and buyers’ registration (no fees shall apply on quantity of users by provider), flexible roles setup, roles permissions management;
  2. Clear financial workflow: simple and easy order page or cart, transactions management (selection by type and date, export), wide monetization opportunities (setting up fees for users, transactions commission);
  3. Possibility of third-party systems integration to ecommerce marketplace software (including payment systems);
  4. Platform is to be adaptive for PC, tablets and mobile devices;
  5. Reporting system (users reports, financial, bidding reports, sales report, etc) is also very important on B2B ecommerce software;
  6. CRM system that allows simple set up of the website (pages creation, banners management, communication system, etc).

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