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How did it start?

Nowadays a lot of people like to stay protected. More and more spheres of our life require to be insured against harm. We have tons of insurance papers that tend to be expired. The innovative idea was not only to create an online storage for those documents, but to allow getting new ones easily without additional efforts and money outlay. After thorough research and analyses, the Client selected Merkeleon team to develop that project.

The Solution

A dedicated team of developers started working on a complex solution, that included not only basic features of the platform, but lots of customized elements.
The user-friendly interface of the platform makes it easy to navigate. There are multiple types of accounts available for registration – for a private person, insurance company and a broker. When registered one is able not just to keep all of insurance papers in one place but also to update it systematically. Users receive timely notifications on documents that should be expired soon. A broker is able to unify vast amount of his clients under one account.
The process of looking for a new insurance papers does not carry any complexity. The user just selects the type of insurance document that he needs (all fields are filled automatically, according to selected type of document) and presses the “start” button. Insurance companies begin making offers by naming their price and uploading related documents together with it. Then the winner can be selected manually. There is an opportunity to select multiple winners as well.
FirstYou also gives a perfect chance for insurance companies to obtain new clients. Advanced partner program brings the opportunity to receive bonuses on invited friends. That smart system allows every user to get benefits!

Result is a unique project in Switzerland for the moment. The participation is free for those who are looking for a new insurance, there is just a small fee taken from insurance providers. Obvious benefit for both parties allows the project to acquire new members constantly.

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