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How did it start?

When Merkeleon team received a request from the client, it said, “We want the web site to be as useful and simple as possible, no unnecessary information required, people should trust it”.

The main aim of this project was to create a marketplace where users can buy, sell or rent any real estate for life and work. In short, it should help to publish information about the property and allow to trade with the purpose of making a deal at the most favorable price terms.

I would like to thank Merkeleon company for professional approach to its customers. I really enjoyed working with those guys – we figured out the requirements for the project together, the team was always trying to correspond to our wishes. There also were some controversial points that ultimately led us to the right decisions. In any situation Merkeleon team showed courtesy, deep knowledge of their business, accuracy and attention to details, which is so important for creating a successful online project.

Alexander Korostovtsev
Alexander KorostovtsevCEO at Kvant24 Group (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)Kvant24.ru: Real Estate Marketplace

The Solution

Merkeleon team has created a unique platform that combines several types of tradings: downwards price auction, classic auction, advertising board. However, unlike the classic A-board, here users are also able to make their offers by submitting the price online.
The peculiarity of the web site is that it assembles all of the functionalities necessary for a successful deal.
User’s personal account holds many functions, such as:
– Buying, selling or renting any property.
– Checking the object or the seller with the services of platform.
– Switching on the auto-fit function based on your individual parameters.
– Receiving news notification in according to personal preferences.
– Conducting correspondence with participants of trade procedures in real time.
– Getting legal advice on your specific situation.
– Preparing necessary documents for the deal.

Not only is the platform useful for buyers/sellers, but it can also bring profits for insurance companies. The user can calculate the cost and terms of the insurance, and immediately submit an application to the insurance company, while on the page of the selected property and avoid being transferred to external sites and making additional calculators.
There is also the role of a broker available on the platform. User can keep multiple clients inside his account and make deals for them, That way he gets profits and keeps the information unified in frames of the platform.


The project was launched in April 2017, the concept of it stays unique. We have recently released a mobile adaptive design, which means it is really handy to use the platform from a smartphone as well. Due to client’s enthusiasm, project’s functionalities keep expanding to provide users with even more opportunities now!

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