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Reverse auction software  is a downward price auction script where buyers advertise the specifications of the product or service they need, suppliers in their turn make bids continuously lowering their prices until the auction closes.

Buyers watch as suppliers-competitors lower their price in real time. The lowest bid usually wins.

Why reverse auctions are so popular?

Quick audience growth

Internet communication growth will pursue Reverse auction script development attracting more and more participants. This is an opportunity to have a great number of both buyers and suppliers at once.

Supply chain creation

Reverse auction is the evolution of the supply chain. It provides the most rapid way to get profitable offer from the best suppliers
So why not create your own?

Types of Reverse Auction

Depending on procedure

Auction to buy a product/service

Buyers get price offers from the suppliers according to the product/service requirements.

The winner is defined manually by the buyer.

Auction to sell a product/service

Sellers get different price offers from the buyers. Usually the winner is the one who offers the highest price for the product.

Depending on supplier visibility

Visible price auction

Bid prices are known by all the participants but the identity of the other bidders is unknown.

Invisible price auction

Bids are hidden for all participants except the buyer; the winner is chosen manually by the buyer at the end of the auction. Suppliers are only aware of where they are in order relation to the “winner”.

Depending on winner evaluation criteria

Best price auction

The most preferable price is considered as a winning bid.

Best value auction

The winning bid is the one providing the most favourable conditions for the buyer.

Depending on suppliers permissions

Free access

Any supplier can register at a auction an take part in the bidding process.

Moderation or limited access

1. Suppliers are pre-screened and approved before the auction.

2.Only invited suppliers can take part in the auction.

Merkeleon Platform Features
for Reverse Auction

  • All types of reverse auction

    You can launch any type of reverse auction with Merkeleon: price request auction, auction to get the best service, dutch auction, etc.

  • Data export and import

    Merkeleon platform allows to accomplish any data export. All the reports can be downloaded at once. Possibility to set up customized export.

  • Reviews and rankings

    Merkeleon platform provides convenient system of reviews and rankings of buyers and sellers.This helps to develop trust for the users.

  • Comprehensive communication system

    Internal communication module of Merkeleon platform allows auction participants to discuss the auction details with each other in real time mode.

  • Privacy of bidders

    Closed bids module offers a buyer the possibility to choose the suppliers participating in the bids and limit the number of participants, e.g. only get bids from companies they have already worked with.

  • Any payment system integration

    Users can enjoy convenient payment system, either online or offline (bank transfer). Payment process is set up individually for each project.

  • Informative reports system

    The platform automatically generates the required types of reports with any interested data. Any customized report issue is available.

  • Full project support

    Merkeleon takes care of all technical issues, including server and hosting provision. Merkeleon team fix all the possible bugs that may arise.

  • Free platform updates

    Merkeleon constantly provide free updates of the system so our clients get the most modern and high-end technology projects.

  • Project customization

    Merkeleon team practice individual approach to its projects. Apart from the great number of ready modules we can develop any feature according to our clients’ requirements.

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