Merkeleon Auction Script Technical Description


Technical description of the Merkeleon Script

Merkeleon system is based on a solid architecture which is its unique advantage if compared to any other auction solution script. The design and content can be easily adjusted to comply with any specific requirements, whereas the architecture of a software system is the toughest part to change. Therefore, while building Merkeleon we put extra attention to creating the most flexible and stable architecture and testing the system. This allows us to say with confidence that today Merkeleon platform is one of the best solutions in the world. The platform consists of four main parts: a database, C++ daemons, PHP REST backend and AngularJS frontend.

PHP Framework

PHP Framework






Application  Core

C++ Daemons


Efficient scalability

PHP front/backend

The language used for front and backend elements of Merkeleon bidding script is PHP (except C++ daemons). For the frontend of the platform we use JavaScript open source web-application framework AngularJS which allows to extend the syntax. As a result, the code turns expressive, readable, and easy to maintain. And our clients get light and high-performance website combining all the unique features of a dynamic site and fast-loading of a static one.

Platform backend is based on PHP framework Laravel which was chosen for several reasons. First of all, it gives a guarantee of security and high performance. Laravel also has the flexibility that allows us to create customized solutions according to the needs of each client. In comparison with the popular frameworks, such as Zend or Symphony, or Kohana, Laravel supported by an active community of professionals shows higher speed, simplicity and smaller amount of code in bid script.


ORM is used for access to MySQL. The database is specifically designed to efficiently handle distribution and scalability. For the database which supports an online auction with a high load, it is critically important to be able to analyze the amount of requests and redistribute the load properly. Our dedicated team of engineers has worked on this problem and created a mature and stable design.

С++ Daemons

Merkeleon has an innovative approach to handling the processes within the application core. It does not use a standard PHP handler as it is slower and less reliable and thus causes unstable performance. Our approach involves an alternative solution using C++, which is more native to the hardware. Therefore, it has a better ability to optimize the system work with the processor and memory, creating less load on a server and resulting in the overall increase of performance. Additionally, C++ addresses another critical item – system security, whereas systems coded in PHP appear to be more vulnerable to hacking attacks.


Development of a fully scalable auction solution is a unique and challenging requirement. Thanks to our extensive experience in working with client systems in production, we have realized a fully scalable solution. When running Merkeleon, you can be assured that it can support any significant traffic and load by using system distribution and load balancing across multiple (from 2х to N) servers. Using additional servers will never affect system performance, nor will it suspend operations for more than 5 minutes.

Merkeleon is a constantly evolving product. The work on the project continues every day and includes regular improvements, increased optimization, and new features. Our clients are always informed upfront when new upgrades of auction software are available.

Auction Platform
Trading Platform

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