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  • High security
  • Flexible monetization
  • External services integration
  • Any currency pairs
  • Multilingual
  • Any payment systems
  • Unlimited sellers number
  • “Classic Auction”
  • “Reverse Auction”
  • “Tendering Platform”
  • “Trade & Stock market” Platform
  • Unique solution

    Merkeleon platform is a software solution for online marketplace, online auction or commercial exchange launch. Online marketplace software by Merkeleon is a single informational and commercial space for linking buyers and sellers of various goods and services with the opportunity to add any auxiliary services. Launching an online marketplace is a very reasonable investment, especially in the following cases:

    online businessIf you have a land based business and you’d like to spread it out to online world (for instance furniture store to online auction)

    open niche on the marketIf you see an open niche on the market where online auctions or fixed price sales would allow to tune up more effective business processes (e.g. art objects, advertising spots, sport, etc)

    e-tender, auctionIf you need to conduct e-tender or procurement auction under the rules of local laws and regulations

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    Merkeleon B2B marketplace script contains all necessary elements for launching and further monitoring and control of your business:

    User management:

    Creation of different roles, opportunity for users to create their sub-roles. Possibility to limit manually the access for platform functions for any role. Administrator of the platform has access to all users’ data.

    Platform Income management:

    Setting up various fees for platform usage for sellers and/or buyers:

    • One-time payment for account registration;
    • Monthly payment;
    • Account usage trial period;
    • Sales revenue commission percent;
    • Privileged auction placement (top position, highlighting the auctions).

    Marketing management:

    Managing advertising blocks by inserting banners, SEO-friendly – opportunity to regulate meta tags from the admin panel.

    Product management:

    Creation of product categories and subcategories, types – groups of products with the same attributes. Product types creation and assigning attributes to them allow to use advanced search at the platform as well as opportunity to compare products by special parameters. Product import via excel file with special parameters.

    Financial management:

    Multicurrency – Single currency is set by default on the platform, also there is an opportunity to add unlimited number of currencies. Transactions monitoring by type of users, control of all financial flows.

    Social networks management:

    Adding social buttons for sharing or likes.

    Content management:

    Multilingual opportunity: Platform translation module allows adding unlimited number of languages and translating from the admin panel all website elements. In addition, administrator can add any number of particular pages for the website. With the help of a built-in module text editor it is easy to edit the content of pages and change their formatting.

    Our latest projects



    – User-friendly, mobile adaptive website interface
    – Wide oportunities for monetization to platform operators
    – Website offers the ability to register different user’s accounts, such as:
    • Private individuals, Self-employed persons

    • Brokers, Intermediaries
    • Agencies and insurance companies

    What clients say about us

    5.0/5 stars
    Victor Vilmont, Sr Product Manager - Partnerships

    We had pleasure of working with Merkeleon e.U. team in Austria on one of our partner’s project. They have quickly managed to understand requirements  and delivered integration with a complex API. The project involved cross-border funds transfers, payment settlements in different countries and foreign exchange. The team has shown high professionalism and rapid turnaround on all project related matters. We will be glad to work with Merkeleon again.

    Victor Vilmont, Sr Product Manager - Partnerships Western Union Business Solutions
    Alexander Korostovtsev, CEO

    I would like to thank Merkeleon company for professional approach to its customers. I really enjoyed working with those guys – we figured out the requirements for the project together, the team was always trying to correspond to our wishes. There also were some controversial points that ultimately led us to the right decisions. In any situation Merkeleon team showed courtesy, deep knowledge of their business, accuracy and attention to details, which is so important for creating a successful online project.

    Alexander Korostovtsev, CEOKvant24 Group (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)
    Dmitry Taratuta, CEO

    High caliber company with strong customer focus. They don’t try to rip you off for every little thing and genuinely try to help and support. Highly recommend.

    Dmitry Taratuta, CEOAgrodiskont
    Andreas Ransch, CEO

    Your team is a partner we’ve been looking for. It is so good to know that from both technical and managerial points of view your work meets our requirements. We’re glad to be your partners.

    Andreas Ransch, CEOTrigonon GmbH, Hamburg/Berlin
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