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Merkeleon Internet Auction Software is a perfect combination of the cutting-edge technology, modern design and high performance. For more than five years it has been providing companies and individuals with a unique tool to start their way in the online auction business.

Used as a ready to set auction, the system is easy to operate and administrate, yet innovative and complete. A large number of exclusive features and functionalities make E-auction software stand out in the market and help to compete with the industry leaders.

The system includes several components that are described in the technical specification page. Merkeleon software for auctions is built around the core which is connected to best modules and features of each auction type.


Bidding is based on price increments. The auctioneer specifies a starting price, reserve price and the auction time frame.


It’s a downward price auction where buyers advertise the specifications of the product they need, suppliers in their turn make bids continuously lowering their prices until the auction closes. Buyers watch as suppliers-competitors lower their price in real time. The lowest bid usually wins.


Bidding starts from a minimum price – usually 1 cent, even if the real market value of the item is hundreds or thousands of dollars. The bidders must pay to the auctioneer for each bid they make.


Bidding starts at the market value of the item. This actual price is lowered every time when a bidder checks it. The bidder is required to pay in order to check the price and is given a time frame to make a decision.

Dutch auction

Bidding starts from a maximum price, which is lowered until some bidder is ready to accept it. Bidders must pay to participate in the auction.


The item is sold to a participant who offers either the lowest / the highest unique price. If there are two equal bids, both are considered invalid. Participation in the auction costs a certain fee for bidders.

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How to order auction site software with Merkeleon?

Online auction software development cycle consists of several stages; management system is divided into short time periods – iterations. Such project structure enables the development team to efficiently handle changing bidding software requirements and the customer to monitor the project progress at every stage:

    • Requirement analysis: In order to start your own online auction, it’s important first to define the list of functions for the future bid software project. You can either choose the initial features from the list of auction tool ready modules on our calculator page;
    • Preparing development environment and developer server: Adjustment of the server settings to the needs of the environment and to the appropriate safety requirements;
    • Design: Discussion customer’s preferences for the website. Designing logo, pages and banners. Design of the auction is approved by the customer;
    • Website Development: Setup of chosen web module, auction program and features, developing web customized solutions;
    • Testing: Initial testing of the live auction functionality;
    • Release: Auction acceptance by the customer;
    • Support: Monitoring of server load and constant analysis of server capacity. Free updates of the auction platform. Constant consulting, additional developments of the auction program.
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