Cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies trading
Any currencies

Integration of any possible currency pairs. Easy sale and purchase.

Online solution
No installation required

Manage your platform and give the opportunity to trade from all over the world without the need to install any software.

Monetization opportunities
Various income sources

Setting tariff plans to users, dynamic commission calculated from the total volume of transactions, the income as a surplus stock exchange transactions.

Secure and reliable platform

– SSL- security
– Automatic limits for funds withdrawal
– Intellectual anti-fraud system
– Two-factor authentication system


Simple and comfortable usage

Intuitive and user-friendly interface of exchange online solution makes it easy to navigate the site, presents flexible and comfortable control to administrator, allows the users to simply create orders to buy or sell currencies.

Financial module

E-currency exchange software allows to integrate any cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, PPcoin and others. Also there are different payment systems and methods for fiat money deposit and withdrawal. e.g. Payeer, SEPA и EU/EFTA, SOFORT, SKRILL, SWIFT, bank transfer.

Reliable support

Every stage of the project will be covered by the highest level of our support. Any wish or offer could be easily and quickly integrated into the engine without any architectural conflicts.It’s easy to integrate the project with your CRM or any other external service. Systematically we issue updates to the system, optimize the code and offer to our clients the most modern updates for free.

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Can I have both cryptocurrencies and fiat money on the exchange?

Yes, you can have either both types, or only one of them.
The platform allows integration of any currency pairs, including not only crypto ones. No problem if you need only BTC and fiat money. There are no limits for currency pairs addition.

 What is the structure of the exchange system?

The exchange scropt is written on PHP and C++ languages. It consists of the cryptocurrency deposit receiver and exchange module.
The main components of the exchange:

  1. Exchange rate graph by the currency pair
  2. Orders for the purchase and sale of currency
  3. Trading history
  4. The trading volume.

How the exchange generates income?

Income is generated by the following transactions:

  • Trading fees
  • Deposit/withdrawal fees
  • Margin from orders matching.

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